spiritual growth

We're passionate about growing spiritually at CBC. While, on the one hand, spiritual growth is a mysterious process, it is also a process in which we participate through simple, practical ways.

As a church we are pursuing 10 spiritual growth practices.

These following four practices are foundational to our growth:

grape cluster
  • Following Jesus - learning to walk with Jesus and respond to his direction every day

  • Life rhythm - setting time aside for rest, refreshment, and seeking God.

  • Loving relationships - seeking to know and love God more (UP), to grow closer together as a community (IN), and to reach out together with Christ's love (OUT).

  • Christian beliefs - learning what we believe about God and his salvation.

The other six practices help us grow up, in, and out:

UP (Knowing God) - Prayer, spending time in God's word, and honest self-examination help us grow in our relationship with God.

IN (Growing together) - Discovering and using our spiritual gifts and engaging in mentoring/discipling relationships help us grow together in our relationships.

OUT (Showing Christ) - Seeking to bless and serve others and have spiritual conversations are ways we can reach out to others.

Click here for more on these 10 spiritual growth practices.
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We also believe spiritual growth involves both learning and doing. Here is a simple graphic that shows this idea:

vision graphic

Our 9:30 Sunday services are a primary opportunity for learning. Our 11:15 discussion groups then provide small-group opportunities to figure out together how to put what we learned into practice (learning to do)

Missional communities and other ministries provide contexts to put our faith into practice (doing). We then seek ways to evaluate and debrief what we've done (learning from doing) so we can do better next time and grow through the experience.