We expect our leaders to direct but not dominate, to coordinate but not control. After all, God invites every Christian to play a vital role in serving in the Church.

Our leaders serve us by coordinating and directing these efforts and equipping members to discover and use the gifts and abilities God has given them.

Leadership and decision-making takes place at CBC in four ways:

Elders/Pastor. Our elders provide spiritual leadership for our church and ensure that we are fulfilling CBC's mission. They meet regularly to pray for CBCers and to plan and make decisions for the church. Dick Wiedenheft, our pastor, is one of our elders. He does not have authority over them nor does he work for them as an employee. He is distinct in that he serves in a full-time, paid capacity. His primarily responsibilities include preaching and teaching, training leaders, giving strategic leadership, mentoring others, and providing counsel and care. Click here for more information about Dick.

image of "The Good Shepherd" from Christian catacombs

Staff. Debbie Ocheltree, our part-time church administrator, staffs our church office and provides administrative support. Kim Cruz serves as our part-time youth coordinator. Click here for more information about Kim and Debbie.  

Ministry Support Team. Our MST provides organizational support for CBC's ministries, helping each to effectively contribute to our church's mission. The MST oversees the areas of finances, building & grounds, Christian education, worship, missions & outreach, community, and leadership nominations. Six of our MST members also serve as CBC's legal trustees.

The Forum. The forum is our quarterly congregational meeting where our members elect elders and MST members, communicate about important church matters, and make major decisions together (such as approving budgets, authorizing major financial transactions and facility changes, and making bylaw changes). Becoming a member involves attending a membership class and sharing your faith story with our elders.