CBC began in the late 1960s when a group of ten families from Yonkers and White Plains moved north in Westchester County and began to meet together in local homes. They talked and prayed about starting a new gathering of Christians in northern Westchester. In 1970 the name "Community Bible Church of Northern Westchester" was legally established and elders were recognized to provide leadership for the new congregation. Our first service was held on October 5, 1970.

The families who began CBC came from the faith tradition of the open Brethren assemblies. They desired to maintain the Brethren's strong emphasis on the ministry of every Christian, but they had a vision for a church community which would be nondenominational—welcoming, networking, and serving with Christians across denominational lines and in ministries locally and worldwide.

One of the missionary couples supported by CBC, David and Martha Dunkerton, served in Kenya for 19 years. Then in 1992, David Dunkerton began full-time service as CBC's first pastor. He retired in February of 2008, and in July 2008, the congregation called Dick Wiedenheft to serve as our second pastor.

The History of our Log Building

Our building was formerly the Kitchawan Tavern, located on the Taconic Parkway a half mile west of its present location. It was built in 1923 and moved to its present location in 1967 when the parkway was widened. The new owner added living quarters to the building and intended to use it as his home but then decided against living in it.

One of the original members of our church was driving past the building and happened to meet the owner who agreed to sell it. In the fall of 1970, the property was purchased by the ten families who began CBC.

During the late 1970s, the roof was raised to add the large meeting room upstairs, and then an additional wing was added to provide three floors of classrooms.

Our present auditorium was the dining room of the Kitchawan Tavern. Our lounge was formerly the gas station area of the tavern.

Kitchawan Tavern
photo and floor plan of Kitchawan Tavern from NPS Archives
(click image for larger view)

An extensive remodeling of the building, the "Wider Welcome" project, was completed in 2012. Among other improvements, this remodeling straightened and widened the main entryway, added an elevator and a separate office entrance, added additional wheelchair accessible bathrooms, and reconfigured the kitchen and center hallways into a coffeehouse-style gathering place now called the "Kitchawan Cafe."