small groups

In addition to our missional communities, several small groups meet during the week.

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How is a small group different from a missional community?

purpose. Small groups supplement the purpose of the church by providing Bible study/discussion (UP) and prayer, care, and support for members (IN).

Missional communities seek to fulfill the church's entire purpose by reaching out together (OUT) as well as growing together spiritually (UP) and as a community (IN).


size. Because small groups are about closeness and discussion, their ideal size is 5-10. Because missional communities are an extended family seeking to grow and reach out together, they can grow to more than 30 people. A missional community may have several smaller groups within it.

focus. Small groups tend to be meeting-centered; they gather around the book they are studying or the time/location of their meetings. Missional communities are mission-centered; they gather around the vision they have together to reach out together.