We recognize that beliefs matter.

Beliefs may motivate one person to support a political candidate, another to drive a hybrid, a third to be a vegetarian.

In a culture with so many diverse beliefs, our church has affirmed a basic set of beliefs which we share in common.

While not everyone who considers CBC their spiritual family may agree on every point, we all accept these as the working beliefs of our community. We believe they are a good summary of what Christians have historically believed and what the Christian Scriptures teach.

Here is a summary of many of our key beliefs:

Personal God - We believe God is involved in and cares about our daily lives and our world.
Humanity - We believe every human being is valuable because s/he is loved by God and reflects His image.
Sin - We believe the core problem of this broken world is that we have all turned from God and need God to save us.
Trinity - We believe the God of the Bible is the one true God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Jesus Christ - We believe Jesus Christ is the only one who can lead us into a loving relationship with God and that Jesus alone deserves our full allegiance.
Grace - We believe nothing we can do or have done can earn our salvation, but rather it is a free gift through faith in Jesus Christ.
God's story (Scripture) - We believe the Bible is God's word and has decisive authority over what we believe and how we live.
Holy Spirit - We believe God is personally with us today through the Holy Spirit to help us grow, change, and serve.
Christian community - We believe every Christian is meant to be part of a community seeking to know God, grow together, and show Christ.
Future Hope - We believe there is a heaven and a hell and that Jesus Christ is returning to judge the earth and to establish His eternal kingdom.

(adapted in part from Randy Frazee, The Connecting Church, © 2001)